Contents Sartoniana vol. 29 (2016)

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Robert Rubens: Introduction

Sarton Chair Lectures

Marc Brysbaert: Laudatio Willem Levelt 

Willem Levelt: The first golden age of psycholinguistics 1865-World War I
Willem Levelt: Localism versus holism. Historical origins of studying language in the brain

Sarton Medal Lectures

Dirk Heirbaut: Laudatio Jean-Louis Halpérin

Jean-Louis Halpérin: Returning to the primacy of statutory law in legal history? 

Paul Simoens: Laudatio Katrien Vanagt

Katrien Vanagt: V.F. Plempius’ experiments and the ‘dramatic’ turn in the investigation of the eye

Jan Victor: Laudatio William De Groote

William De Groote: The history of skeletal fracture care 5000 years of traumatology

Luc Taerwe: Laudatio Manfred Curbach

Manfred Curbach: What European History, Legendary Bridges and the Design of the Euro Have in Common

José Martins: Laudatio Pierre De Clercq

Pierre De Clercq: Tracing August Kekulé in Ghent (1858-1867)

Johan Lagae: Laudatio Zeynep Çelik

Zeynep Çelik: Archaeology and Ethnography