Contents Sartoniana vol. 32 (2019) 

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Robert Rubens: Introduction


Steven Vanden Broecke: Laudatio Robert S. Westman

Robert S. Westman: Carl Gustav Jung, Wolfgang Pauli and the Kepler-Fludd Polemic: Either/Or vs. Both/And

Robert S. Westman: The ‘Two-Cultures’ Question and the Historiography of Science in the Early Decades of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies  


Dirk Heirbaut: Laudatio Paul Brand

Paul Brand: The Beginnings of the English Common Law (to c. 1350)


Gert De Cooman: Laudatio Glenn Shafer

Glenn Shafer: Pascal’s and Huygens’s game-theoretic foundations for probability


Marjan Doom: Laudatio Gita Deneckere

Gita Deneckere: The History of Science and the New Humanism: George Sarton’s Legacy: a Source of Inspiration for the Ghent University Museum (GUM)


Raf Vanderstraeten: Laudatio Pauli Kettunen

Pauli Kettunen: Conflicting interests and science-based planning in the making of the welfare state


Glenn Rayp: Laudatio Claude Diebolt

Claude Diebolt & Michael Haupert: We are Ninjas: How Economic History has Infiltrated Economics


Christian Burvenich: Laudatio Peter Bols

Peter E.J. Bols: Is modern-day Veterinary Medicine a product of the Age of Enlightenment?


Marc Van Meirvenne: Laudatio Erik Thoen

Erik Thoen: Rural economy and landscape organization in pre-industrial Flanders


Matthieu Lenoir: Laudatio Roland Renson

Roland Renson: The Enigma of the Halma: An Attempt to Unravel the Technique of the Ancient Greek Long Jump