Contents Sartoniana vol. 31 (2018)

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Robert Rubens: Introduction




Maarten Delbeke: Laudatio Adrian Forty

Adrian Forty: What Makes Architecture Tick?




Rik Opsommer: Laudatio Ignacio Czeguhn

Ignacio Czeguhn: The German Colonial Companies 1887-1914

Erik Weber: Laudatio Friedrich Stadler

Friedrich Stadler: George Sarton, Ernst Mach, and the Unity of Science Movement: A Case Study in History and Philosophy of Science

Dirk Matthys & Johan Vande Walle: Laudatio Jules Leroy

Jules Leroy: Ghent rediscovers Mendel

Jeroen Vanden Berghe: Laudatio Patrick Allegaert

Patrick Allegaert: Psychiatry and Patrimony, Science Communication in Museum Dr. Guislain

Johan De Grave: Laudatio Peter Van den haute

Peter Van den haute: The turbulent search for the  age of the Earth during the nineteenth century

Eric Cox: Laudatio dr. Bruno Goddeeris

Bruno Maria Goddeeris: The immunological tsunami at the end of the 19th century: Paris versus Berlin

Wouter Duyck: Laudatio Marc Brysbaert

Marc Brysbaert: The emergence of psychology as a science: How American history writing created an illusion of psychology schools at war with each other;

Frank Caestecker: Laudatio Pedro Lains

Pedro Lains: European Economic History: the Contribution of the Periphery

Raf Vanderstraeten: Laudatio Kaat Wils

Kaat Wils: Medical hypnosis, self and society in fin de siècle Belgium

Raf Vanderstraeten & Karin Raeymaeckers: Laudatio John Durham Peters

John Durham Peters: The Curious Power of Names