Contents Sartoniana vol. 30 (2017)

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Robert Rubens: Introduction


Diederik Depla: Laudatio Joseph Greene


Joe Greene: The Historical Evolution of Thin-Film Sputter Deposition: From the 1600s through the 1800s to Ghent University Today 


Yves T'Sjoen: Laudatio Steward van Wyk


Steward van Wyk: Writing apartheid: The representation of the past in recent Afrikaans literature with a focus on Black Afrikaans writing


Dirk Heirbaut: Laudatio Louis (A.M.J.A.) Berkvens


Louis Berkvens: The Comparative Legal History of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion; 'A menage à trois' 


Ingrid Kerckaert: Laudatio Frank F.A. Ijpma 


Frank Ijpma and Thomas van Gulik: Anatomy lessons of the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons


Stijn Vanheule: Laudatio Sarton Medal Professor Dr. Dany Nobus


Dany Nobus: Freud Unbound: The Shaping of Psychoanalysis by the Great War