Contents Sartoniana vol. 33 (2020) 

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Robert Rubens: Introduction


Raf Vanderstraeten: Laudatio Karin Knorr Cetina

Karin Knorr Cetina: Takeover by Science: The Long Contemporary History of Financial Markets


Dirk Heirbaut: Laudatio M. Schmoeckel

Mathias Schmoeckel: From subsistence to profit as economic orientation. Major shifts in economic order


Erik Van Laecke: Laudatio W. Oosterlinck

Willem Oosterlinck: The big jump forward in the surgical treatment of renal stones around 1980


Pieter Cornillie: Laudatio A. Ervynck

Anton Ervynck: The study of archaeological animal remains: origins, specialisation and integration


Jasper Feyaerts: Laudatio L. Sass

Louis Sass: On subjectivity, self-interpetation, and the project of Psychology


Pieter Uyttenhove: Laudatio C. Hein

Carola Hein: Oil and Water: Port city regions as nodes in the global petroleumscape